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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

National Aquarium in Washington DC
Photos taken by my daughter on her Senior Trip

Friday, June 3, 2011

I thought Aspies were supposed to be good at math

Well, my dreams of the boy's future career as an engineer are drying up.  His second grade teacher sent home a math paper that needed to be redone.  Out of 20 questions only 3 were correct.  Admittedly, it's subtraction with regrouping but it wasn't the regrouping he had the issue with.  It was the subtraction.

Here's an example problem and our conversation about it.

20-16= 16.

Me:  What's 10 minus 6?
Boy:  Can't you just tell me the answer?
Me:  Of course not, you won't learn anything that way.
Boy:  Dad tells me the answers.

Me:  Hmmph, what's 10 minus 6?
Boy:  *Thinks for a bit* Isn't it something like 8 or 9?
Me:  No, it's nothing like 8 or 9.  You do realize that there's only one correct answer to a math problem, right?  It's not a matter of opinion.
Boy:  Mooooooooooom.

The conversation continued in this vein until I finally dragged the correct answer out of him.  I will admit to telling him the answer to the last two.

So now that we've ruled out careers that involve people skills and math, I'm keeping my eyes open for ads like this.

Help Wanted
Gamers needed.  Excellent pay and benefits.
Ability to play video games for hours without 
moving or blinking is a must.  Enjoyment of 
watching hours of youtube videos of people
playing the same game you just played is a 
plus.  If you can then spend the remaining hours
of the day talking about said games... you're our man!