Saturday, November 19, 2011

Were You Surprised by Any of the New Shows this Fall?

There was one show that really surprised me.  Pan Am.  I was fully prepared to hate this show.  It seemed like a silly concept.  I was thinking it would basically be "Playboy Bunnies on a Plane".  I kept hearing about it though and so I gave it a shot.

I'm hooked!  It's smart, funny, interesting and occasionally heart-wrenching.  I'll admit that I've cried during a few of the episodes.

Some other new shows I really like are New Girl, Revenge, and Terra Nova.  My favorite series though are not new.  The Office and Parenthood are at the top of my list!

What shows do you consider "must see tv"?


  1. I love this show and New Girl And Revenge! The others I don't watch but these three are amazing! Can't wait for tonight episode!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm following you back! Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving!

    Chubby Cheeks Thinks

  2. Hi,

    Giving you a return visit from alexa hop. Its nice to see this blog.


  3. OMG I LOOOOOVE PanAm. I got my husband hooked on it last night too! Still hooked on Bones. HATE that they made a show called "Friends with Benefits" but yeah, PanAm is my can't wait to watch!
    Coming by from Alexa Hop! Thanks for visiting Nurtured Beauty and The Organic Blonde.

  4. I've been wondering about Terra Nova - I heard a commercial about it and it sounded interesting. I admit I do not watch much TV (probably too busy blogging - ha!). We resort to a lot of the shows through Netflix or Uverse (commercial freerocks !) and have been watching the new Caprica and the Tudors.

  5. I'm terrible at watching TV shows. I usually have so much going on that I forget when they come on. However, I'll most definitely check it out when it comes on DVD! :)

  6. The Pan Am shoe does look good.. I am visiting from the alexa hop.

  7. Found you on blog hop!!! great post! lovbely blog. will pop by again soon. until then keep well. hugs

  8. Awe....lovely blog. found you on bloghop. wish I had the time to lull in front of the telly but have no time at present...enjoy for me.

    see you soon. keep well

  9. Hi Karla,
    Thanks for visiting me from the Alexa Hop. I'm happy to visit you too!
    OMG I love Pan Am...and yes it's surprising. I hear a lot of it is based on true facts about the 60's.
    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again for visiting.
    Marcia :)