Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rainbow Cupcakes and Cutie Marks

We were inspired to make My Little Pony rainbow cupcakes by Ro at Nerdy Nummies.  See her video here.

We used the Pillsbury Moist Supreme cake mix following the directions for the egg white only recipe.  Leaving out the yolks allowed the colors of the batter to be more vibrant.  Especially since our "home grown" eggs have such bright yellow yolks.

Then we split the batter into six bowls and colored each one with food coloring.  About one half spoonful of each color went into each cupcake wrapper.  

After baking and cooling it was time to decorate.  See below for the results as well as the MLP cutie marks created by my 10 year old son.

My oldest (19) colored and decorated these.

Here come the MLP cutie marks!  I was impressed my son decorated these completely on his own, frosting, cutting out the shapes and all.

Rainbow Dash's cutie marks

The 3 diamonds is for Rarity; the blue star is Twilight Sparkle; and the three orange "apples" in the upper right is for  Apple Jack.

Apple Jack

Pinkie Pie on the lower left


One of the proud bakers

My 12 year old colored her own icing to make these lovely pastel creations

The one in the lower left is SO HAPPY to see you!  


  1. These look so cool! I have a chorus of "I want to make these cupcakes! Let me make my own cupcakes!" behind me right now. :-)

  2. this is a great idea for my grandkids