Friday, May 10, 2013

180 Year Old Well!

Would you like to see a well that is about 180 years old?  I know that I was pretty excited to see it!

This well would have been dug back in 1832 or 1833 when the original house was built on our land.  As long as we have lived here it's had a cover on it made of plywood and tin.  We gave it a wide berth and had no problems.  My husband decided to check on it and discovered that the plywood was rotted and needed to be replaced.  We were all interested to find out what had been hiding under the ground all of these years.

Here's what we found.  Stones that were fitted together so well that they have stood the test of time.  There is 8 feet of water and then 4 feet visible for a total depth of 12 feet.  While I certainly don't yearn for a time before running water, I can't help but imagine people from over a hundred years ago performing the daily chore of fetching water from our well.

My husband made an extremely sturdy (and attractive) new cover for the well.  It'll probably last another 180 years.  I told him that it will be my own personal deck where I will drink iced tea and watch the chickens peck in the yard.

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