Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Our school district has the second graders do a Flat Stanley project.  This year I was heading to NYC for a short business trip so I took Flat Son along with me.  Real Son was a bit jealous.

Train Station

On the train

Times Square


  1. LOL cute! I bet bringing the real son would have been more fun, too :) Happy Wednesday!

  2. I love that you took Flat Stanley on your trip! I miss New York :( Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  3. FUN! I have never been to NYC and seriously do not have a big desire to go. It does look like a hoppin' place though, even in the snow~!

  4. Oh how I would love to go to NYC. Just to see all the buildings and hear all the sounds. Donnie's school does the flat Stanley project. In fact a number of them have went on racing trips with us.