Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Sean Bean Awareness Day!

What do you mean you've never heard of Sean Bean Awareness Day!?  The SBAD in a longstanding international and traditional day of appreciation for Sean Bean (that I just made up).

I realized the need for this day when I found out that none of the girls in my office knew who he was. This underappreciated actor has been in many movies and tv shows. He often plays the bad guy in movies (The Island, National Treasure) and even in the Richard Sharpe series he is a hero with a reckless streak.  I believe I first became of aware of Sean in the movie Patriot Games where he played an awful (ruggedly handsome) villain.  Then I was fortunate enough to have a husband who loves the Sharpe series so I often get to catch glimpses of him as I walk through the living room. ; ) 

I might feel a bit bad about this except that my husband has had a crush on Helen Hunt for many years. : )

In honor of this day I created a desktop background to share:
If you right click on it and choose Set as Background the whole thing will be visible.


  1. He IS a cute bad boy! As soon as I saw his face, I knew who you meant! Kind of a cross between Liam Nielsen and Patrick Duffy! Too funny! My hubby loves Sandra Bullock and thought All about Steve was dedicated to him! (What a terrible BAD movie!) LOVED her in Blindside and any movie with one of my favs, Keanu Reeves. Have you seen The Lake House? LOVE it!

  2. Oh I have seen him dozens of times. I guess he would be considered an actor who gets "steady work"--but I could not have told you his name!! How funny. Thank you Lovely Karla for your kind words--I would be honored to be on your blog! Completely honored!! Can we wait a week or two---maybe the 16th or 17th or that week sometime? I am in the finishing stages of multiple projects and I will get them all done for that DEADLINE! And send you pics. Pick the day and let me know what you need. Thank you! You have given me a deadline......