Sunday, November 28, 2010

Temple Grandin - The Movie

The movie, Temple Grandin was finally delivered by NetFlix and my oldest (17) and I sat down to watch it.  I've been looking forward to watching this movie because it's supposed to be a very good movie but also because it's about an autistic woman and my son (8) has Asperger's which is on the autism spectrum.

It was an excellent movie.  It was very uplifting and interesting and left me feeling very moved.  Clare Danes did a wonderful job.  I highly recommend it!

My son decided that I needed to turn it off because it broke our two swear word rule (if there are two swear words then it gets turned off).  Well the words were crap and d*mn, which I don't allow him to use. But really crap doesn't count as a swear word. So I tried explaining this to him and then I turned it off and waited till he left and turned it back on (he was not tricked) and then I tried explaining to him again.  One thing that is very common with kids with Aspergers is that they are very attached to rules.  He was so furious with me that he yelled "You are BANNED from my room for a WEEK!" and then he had a minor meltdown.

Sigh.  So I had to deal with a meltdown while (and because) I watched a movie involving a woman having meltdowns. Ironic, huh?  : )


  1. Well there's your double-edged sword right? I like that he punished you! I LOVED the movie...don't even recall the swear words, but crap and damn don't count for me either :)

  2. I loved the movie too! Claire Danes really did a wonderful job!

    My "typical" 8 y/o actually caught me watching a movie today that had a swear in it and he too ordered me to shut it off lol. We don't have a rule like that but I see that he has decided to come up with one on his own :)

  3. Ah the things kids and adults say and do!

  4. Gosh, I think most movies and shows these days would violate that rule! Hopefully you'll get to finish your movie at some point :) Happy Saturday!