Friday, December 10, 2010

Saving the Earth... One Tissue at a Time

It's nice when little boys care about saving the Earth.  As evidenced by the below conversations my sister and I have recently had with our little boys, they take being green to a whole new level.

*sniffle snort sniffle snort*
"The tissues are right there on the shelf if you need them, Aiden."
"No thanks, mommy, I have my hand."

"I think that may be the worst thing you've ever said to me in your whole life."

Boy: Ahchooooo!
Me: Do you need a tissue?
Boy: *SNIIIIIIIIIIIFF!*  Not anymore.


  1. This is just too funny! I am your newest follower - thanks for following my blog - hope to see you back soon!

  2. This is a scream. You never know what the kiddos will come up with. Lila just figured out that she can sniff so we are having a ball with that. Have a great day!