Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rescued Kitten

About 2 months ago I got an email from my sister telling me that she and her husband found two kittens abandoned in the woods.  They weren't feral because they both came over to them when they were called.  Poor babies were covered in so many fleas and were soooo hungry. She also had worms.  : (  

My husband knows that I've wanted a cat for a while but he didn't want one so we've been catless for about 10 years.  I KNEW he couldn't be so heartless to refuse to rescue a kitten though!

So he was laying down upstairs and I went and started telling him the very, very, very, very sad story of the lost, abandoned and starving kittens and he started laughing (or crying?) and put his pillow over his head. And then I pulled the pillow away from him so he wouldn't miss any details.  And then he tried to conclude the story for me by saying that the kittens were put in a gas chamber crying mew mew mew.  And I beat him with his pillow.  I concluded the story with a much happier ending in which I had advised my sister that I would take both kittens.  And he said (and I quote) "BOTH kittens?!?!"   And that my dear readers was most definitely permission to get one! HA HA HA!  Then he asked if everyone would take care of it or if it would get dumped on him.  I said... dumped on him. : )  Just to set the correct expectations.

And here is our lovely Olive.  Oliver is still living with my sister while she finds him a home.

p.s. He actually hasn't had to do much for the cat at all because our children have been doing a fabulous job of taking care of her. 


  1. Olive is beautiful! She is going to be a wonderful addition to your home. Hang in there. I have a hubby just like yours!

  2. Well I typed out a nice long message to ya, and my page refreshed and I lost. Gotta Love the internet.. ugh. anyways. stopping by from the hop, thanks for stopping by my page, (
    Think it's great you took a baby kitten into your home!!
    sorry so short and to the point up there. afraid it would all disappear again. lol, I have been hopping around your site and I have to say I love all your photo's. I woke up to snow this morning :( Not happy about that. bleh. and have to say the butterfly pics def. put a smile on my face. :)