Saturday, December 3, 2011

Parenthood and Aspergers

Sometimes the television show Parenthood really knocks me out. Part of it is that they cover Asperger's Syndrome in such a real way. So many times when I'm watching it feels like the show is about my family's and my feelings. I really like the characters.

I just watched the most recent episode called Missing. The son with Aspergers left his home to go to the museum by himself because his family couldn't take him. One reason this really hit home is that one time my son left home because he was tired of waiting for his father to come home and do something with him.  My husband was dropping off our daughter about 2 miles down the road and my son decided to walk there because he knew where it was and he felt that my husband had taken too long.  A couple stopped and tried to help him but he would not say a word to them.  Fortunately my husband saw him as he drove home. Not good!

Another reason that the episode really touched me is that it showed how hard it can be on older siblings.  I have a teenager that struggles with this as well.  A child with Aspergers can cause huge disruptions in the family and we as parents don't react in the same way we would if he was neuro-typical.  It feels unfair.

Have you seen the show?  Have you ever seen a reflection of your life?


  1. I can imagine how unsettling that would be. We have 72 acres and were playing outside one day, and doing chores, when we lost track of my 5 year old. Turns out he had holed up in one of our cars and was pretending to drive, but it certainly scared me!

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  2. That would be a tough moment! I have several friends with children who have Aspergers, and what strikes me most is that each child is unique and different. My heart goes out to you, your family, and your teenager. It will get easier to have a sibling with Aspergers once maturity and age give some perspective, but everything is amplified during the teenage years. Hugs all around!