Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beware of Little Boys Asking for Tape

Today I was sitting in the computer room chatting with my daughter and my son (8) pops his head in the doorway and asks if I know where the tape is.  I advised that I didn't and he then asked if he could use his sister's duct tape.  She immediately said no.  I was thinking that it was odd that it didn't matter what kind of tape he needed but I thought if he only needed a little duct tape, I would talk her into sharing.

So I asked him what he needed it for.  A sheepish smile flitted across his face before he quickly straightened his face and shrugged (he rarely lies but isn't above hiding info). Oh NO!  Alright buddy you might as well tell me now.

It turns out that he was trying to get into some cupboards and pulled on one of the antique cast iron hooks we had in our wall.  The screw snapped in half and it broke off part of the board that it was attached to.  Not a huge deal and he didn't get in trouble.

What I find hilarious is:
1. The innocent question:  "Mom, do you know where the tape is?"  Sounds harmless right?
2. What would his "fix" have looked like?  These hooks are pretty heavy!  I almost wish he'd found the tape and given it a try!  : D

Here are some pics of the damage.

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