Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chicky Wordless Wednesday

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There's not many thing cuter then chicks in a box.  Well, maybe puppies in a box. : )  This is how baby chicks are sent from the hatchery.  They arrive within one to two days.  This takes advantage of the fact that they can live without food and water for several days after hatching because of their yolk sac. 

These are my first chickens. They arrived in the Spring of 2008. 


  1. Happy Wordless Wednesday!
    Now you are right those are so cute. I am amazed at all the different colors. I will have to show our son as he loves baby chicks. He always love when the chicks are on sale at the hardware store around Easter time.
    I hope you are having a fabulous day and thanks for linking up!

  2. Too Cute! My husband is wanting to buy some chickens to raise for the eggs. I am trying to talk him out of it. How hard are they to keep up with? I am following you from Wordless Wednesday. Hope you can follow back :)

  3. Oh my god I want chicken so badly!!! My Best Friends Brother and His Wife have three--Benedict, Florentine and I think the other one might be Scrambled or Sunny Side or something. Anyways--the eggs are outrageously good. The fall back plan is to get a farm and raise chickens and goats and make cheese. In Maine. Is that a fallback plan? How hard is it to go from city girl to farm girl anyways???

  4. Please please please post what they look like now. This makes me want baby chicks! I lived on my grandmother's farm in Poland till I was 7 and had SO many chicks. But I take it they wouldn't do well in the suburbs of Atlanta. Although my neighbors grow turkeys who run loose and attack my car.

  5. These chicks are soooo cute! I laughed when I opened your blog because of something my hubby said to me the other day about chicks. I had a dozen organic eggs in the fridge that were about a week past their "best if used by" date. Well, being organic, I swear they have a way longer shelf life. I told him not to throw them out and to use them in the pumpkin bread I was having him make me. He told me it would be my job to pick the feathers out of the batter - ha! It's not as funny typed out but I was cracking up :)

  6. Have I mentioned before how cute these are? Oh yes, I have :) SO CUTE!