Monday, October 18, 2010

More Chicken Pics (for Busy Working Mama)

Aleksandra, since you asked so sweetly : ) here you go.  I love having a lot of different colors and types of chickens.  They're a lot of fun to watch!


  1. Ack! Look at all of them! Someone told me that a fresh egg won't hard boil---is that true?

  2. Awww! How adorable! I love the pics. I lived on my grandmother's famr in Poland until I was 7 and remember loving the chickens. My mom was too scared to go get the eggs so I did it for her :)

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Oh and I am following you now :) Happy Tuesday!

  4. Happy Wordless Wednesday!
    What cute photos. I love the photo of the little chicks. I tell you there is nothing better than farm fresh eggs.
    I hope you had a blessed day and thanks for linking up!

  5. Love the chickens! My boys would be absolutely crazy about them.

  6. We need to get some chickens! I'm really tired of paying $4/dozen of organic eggs, ha! Cute pics :)