Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Musing: Isn't it counterpoductive to Twitter a giveaway you are entering?

I wonder about this each time I see an option to Twitter a giveaway for an extra entry or two.  If even one other person sees your tweet and enters the giveaway haven't you negated the benefit of your additional entry?  And if two or more people see it, haven't you lowered your own chance of winning?

I can see twittering to promote the product that is being offered.  That's basically free advertising for the sponsor and it seems like a good way to earn more entries.

I can see twittering a giveaway to promote a friend's blog.  But I just don't see how it makes sense for the person entering a giveaway.

I love entering giveaways and I actually enjoy going to the sponsors site or shop to check out their items.  I like supporting the host and sponsor by following and liking them.

I'm interested in your opinion.  Is there something that I'm missing?  Does it make sense and I just don't see it?  Do you Twitter giveaways?


  1. hehe, I see your dilemma.. Its an honest question that most of ask, and think about, I'm sure :)

    I look at it like this tho.. If you do, you are sharing a chance to win something with the people that you would consider to be a friend in some way.. So you are doing a good thing in sharing.. Karma: I believe that sharing is caring, and I kinda hope that in itself brings me luck :)

  2. You make a good point :) However, you're being a good friend in my opinion because I assume the people following you on Twitter are friends and you're sharing a chance to win something cool with them! I say that knowing nothing about Twitter so maybe I'm making a wrong assumption about the friend part, ha!

  3. omg! this is so funny and so true! I sometimes skip the twitter step or if i want the extra entry I will tweet it anyhow but I do agree that it does kind of diminish your chances of winning but it meets the goal of a giveaway and that is to spread the word about your shop/blog/whatever....

    Spread the love:)

  4. Good points about sharing with friends. : )

    I usually skip the Twitter step if it relates directly to the giveaway, but if there is a step to Twitter about the product or the blog, then I'll usually do that.

    Thanks for the comments!