Monday, September 6, 2010

Chicken stories and picture testing

Several of these adorable chicks are the naughty roosters in my last post.

I'm sure it's apparent that I'm new to blogging.  I'm trying out adding pictures now.  This is a picture of one of our hens that went broody this Spring.  We tried to let her hatch some eggs but nothing ever happened (well except for some very stinky broken eggs) so I stopped at TSC and picked some chicks up for her.  In the middle of the night we moved her to a cardboard box and I stuffed the babies under her. She was such a good mom!  She took right over and it was adorable seeing how she cared for them. 

She's unfortunately named Fatty because as a Buff Orpington she's very "fluffy" and because she's always the first to come running (at a swift waddle) for treats.

The green thing on her face is a Pinless Peeper which we put on the chickens to stop them from plucking each others feathers.  Thankfully it worked because 1) Naked chickens are Ug-Ly! and 2) They never would have made it through the Winter w/o their feathers.

This handsome boy was the aptly named Katie's Rooster. He was a Partidge Cochin that I gave to my oldest daughter in a failed attempt to make her more fond of the chickens.  She put off naming him for quite a long time and then she decided that she would make his nickname official.  He was absolutely gorgeous and was a very good boy.  Definitely our favorite.  Unfortunately he was killed by a predator.  Stupid predator!

On that happy note, I'll say goodnight. : )


  1. We want chickens when we move and when we do I am going to be emailing you for some

    I came over from this for that!!

  2. They're fun and funny and the eggs are a million times better then store bought.