Friday, September 17, 2010

Concrete + broken glass + metal = Jewelry? Pretty Jewelry?

I came across the Etsy shop DrCraze yesterday and I was blown away by this original jewelry!  It's so pretty and interesting.  And there must be something metaphorical about a concrete cloud.  : )  Or is it an oxymoron?

The pink earrings below are my favorite.  I love that they're made from such industrial materials and yet they're lovely and delicate.

I was so excited about this discovery I just had to blog about it.

Have a great night!


Here's the description for the cloud (I like the nod to Bob Ross):
"This happy little cloud features white concrete accented with clear crushed glass bound with recycled stainless steel. Pendants include a 16" sterling silver chain.(If you would like an 18" chain simply specify in checkout.)

The finish is ground to expose the colored matrix of the glass/cement mix and diamond polished to a lustrous sheen.

The dimensions are 1" by 5/8"

Contains 75% post consumer recycled glass. We collect almost all our glass from our local beaches"

Disclosure:  I have received no products or compensation.  I don't know DrCraze, but did get his permission to use his images.


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