Monday, September 6, 2010

Schoolwork and bad roosters

I started college on 8/23 (only 20 years after high school).  I'm taking English 101 and Psychology 101. My first grade has finally been posted.  It was in Psych and I got a 50 out of 50.  Woohoo!  I was very nervous when I turned it in. I feel much better about my ability to pass these classes now.

We currently have 4 newbie roosters and 1 older bantam rooster.  My poor hens!  We need to get rid of some of these guys.  They're rough with the girls since they don't really know what they're doing.  That's the last time I buy straight run chicks.  I don't want to kill and eat them... well I wouldn't mind eating them I guess, but I don't want to get them ready to be eaten.  I'd be happy to give them away but how do you find someone that wants a couple of dumb roosters?  I just like to have plenty of eggs.

Kids go back to school tomorrow!  I'm going to print out some lunch labels from Mariah Demarco Designs.  They're so cute!  3 notes for 3 kids. I'm thrilled they're going back since I'm mighty tired of the bickering but I'll miss them too. I love the little monsters.  Hmmm one just said "fore!" and the other yelled "you coulda broke your window!"  Time to go...

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